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August 29, 2013 - Today's Topic:

The Benefits of Ceiling-Hung Toilet Dividers

I want to talk a little about the advantages of ceiling-hung toilet dividers. The main advantage is that they allow for very easy cleanup, which equals less time for you or your staff. Being able to get the mop right under and around the toilets makes for very easy work, and will allow your staff to clean your public or private restroom facility with little time involved and very little aggravation. Additionally, your material costs will be less because with less time allotted for the task, the less resources it will take. Mops will last longer, you'll use fewer materials, and your water usage should go down.

Of course to make this feasible you need to have low enough ceilings to economically hang the bathroom partitions. Too high, and for one thing, it will look weird, and two, cost will go up and you will have less rigidity. If you are wondering about ceiling height limitations in your bathroom, please call us:

For a collection of images and colors, check out these examples:ceiling-hung toilet partitions.

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