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Cape Cod Systems has been providing bathroom stalls and toilet partitions for commercial and institutional use since 1996.

Well-respected nationwide for their product-knowledge and diverse inventory, Cape Cod Systems can answer almost any of your questions, and help you find the right product for your situation.


There are quite a few options for your toilet partitions and bathroom stalls. Toilet partitions, bathroom stalls dividers and urinal dividers come in many different sizes, styles and colors. Picking the right product for your situation can be rather daunting.

Items to consider when purchasing your bathroom partitions might be:

  • How much can I afford in maintenance?
  • How important is style and color?
  • How durable do the partitions need to be?
  • How easy are the partitions to fix or replace?
  • How prone is my location to grafiti damage?
  • Is my location exposed to the elements (prone to rust)?
  • Do I have very high ceilings which might limit my choices?

Once you decide what kind of environment you are dealing with, we can help you pick out the appropriat bathroom partitions for your particular job. Be sure to explain to any sales representative what kind of location you're in and what type of budget you're working with. Consider maintenance and development costs in your decision.

As you look through this site, you will find an overview of the various types of toilet partitions available. If you decide you would like more information on any particular product. Click through on any of the links to go to our catalog site or just give us a call.

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